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What You Need to Know About Surfing the Dark Web

Would you like to know how to enter the Deep Network?
If the Deep Web is something that intrigues you, this article is definitely for you.
Maybe you don't know, but the Internet has a dark side, hidden in the eyes of the
public. Usually most people browse through the Clear Web or Surface Network. This area of the network is the one indexed by the most common search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc., and requires only an Internet connection to access it.


So what is the Deep Network?
The Deep Network is composed of pages, or rather such repositories of information, usually databases, that are not accessible because they need a user or password to access them.
We can say that the deep Internet, or hidden Internet, is the one that is composed of information and databases that normally cannot be accessed, that is, that cannot be reached simply by using a search engine or directory.


In that deep part of the network you can find content of all kinds, both content let's say "clean" (statistical databases, research data, specialized magazine repositories, business financial reports) and content that is deliberately hidden and that gives an anonymity that is sought by those who do not want to teach the activity they perform on the Internet.
And this coupled with the 96% of the current Internet being on the deep internet or the dark internet gives us a perspective on the size that this not-so-known area of the internet, and where our personal data is often located, is currently creating.


Entering the Deep Network
The Internet currently has several levels as we have explained, but it is also in the part of the deep network we find a part of that website that cannot be accessed with conventional browsers.
The most common tool is to use the TOR browser to be able to know this hidden area and that allows you to enter the deep network. And here are the steps to get in:
• Download Tor's browser, you can download it www.torproject.com.
• Once downloaded and run, the browser will connect to the Tor network automatically.
• Once connected to the Tor network, you will be free to browse the Deep Web.


It's important to know that the sites you'll find in this dark area of the network might contain links to illegal services, information that you find offensive or immoral, or direct links to criminals.


If you are in trouble or are scamming after accessing any of these sites, it will be difficult to find the culprits, since the main objective of this network is anonymity. Be very careful when navigating its waters and always protect your personal information.

Dark Web Links
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